Here you can find the information of the event!


Helsinki Half Marathon will be run on 21.8.2021.
The start will be at 8.30 am and there will be start groups.
We will inform more about the start groups closer to the event.


Start area will be located in Meripuisto close to the city center of Helsinki. More detailed information will be provided later.


The finish will be located in Meripuisto close to the city center of Helsinki.


The event expo area is located close by the start and finish area in Meripuisto close to the city center of Helsinki.


Event office opening times:

Friday 20.8.2021 12.00-20.00 / Meripuisto, Helsinki (address: Merisatamanranta (southern end), Helsinki)
Saturday 21.8.2021 7.00 – 8.00 / Meripuisto, Helsinki (address: Merisatamanranta (southern end), Helsinki)

We highly recommend to collect your race package already on Friday. 
You can also collect your friend’s package.

You will receive email/text-message about your bib-number latest on Thursday 19th August.
Please show this document (and possibly your friend’s codument aswell) at the race office, when you are collecting your race package.

The event office will be located in Meripuisto.


The bib number is personal and it must be attached to the front of the running shirt visibly. In any case the bib number should not be folded. The bib numbers can be picked up from event office on race week.

You are only allowed to run with your personal bib-number. Running with other person’s bib-number is strictly forbidden due to safety reasons.


Registration for 2021 is open! Read more about registration here.


HHM2021-shirt can be purchased when making registration for the event for 12 €. Purchased t-shirts can be picked up from race office together with the bib number.
We recommend to purchase the shirt advance to make sure you get the right size.
Event shirts will not be delivered by mail. If you have already registered for the event, and want to purchase t-shirt afterwards, you can do it here.

Event shirt can be purchased also from the race office for 15 €. 


Coming up 2022!


Everyone born year 2006 of before are welcome to join the Helsinki Half Marathon.


There will be a free bag drop for all the runner’s. You can leave your belongings in bag drop in the special bag you get when you pick up your bib-number. Remember to have the sticker of your number on the string of the bag. You will get your belongings from the bag drop by showing your running number, so keep it safe!

Bag drop is open on the race day at between  7.00 – 12.00 


We offer 15 % discount for groups with 5 persons or more. You’ll get group discount by making registration on group registration form.  The offer is valid only for the pre-registration, not for the late-registration. Group discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. 


Are you 25-years-old (born 1996 or later) or younger on the event day? We’ll offer you 25 % discount for registration fee, just add code NUORISO2021 to registration form. The offer is valid only for the pre-registration., not for the late-registration. Youth discount cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Free participation for the event of elite runners, who have run under following times year 2020-2021:

5000 m/5 km 15.30
10 000 m/10 km 32.30
Halfmarathon 1.12.00
Marathon 2.40.00

5000 m/5 km 17.30
10 000 m/10 km 36.30
Halfmarathon 1.21.00
Marathon 3.00.00

Please fill this form to apply in the event as an elite runner.


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 Sokos Hotel Presidentti is our official event hotel. Get the hotel offer here!



There will be plenty of hydration stations along the course of Helsinki Half Marathon.

More detailed information regarding the hydration stations will be announced later.

There will also be hydration available at the finish.


There will be again this year great cheering points on the course of HHM2021!

We have chosen the best spots to cheer for the runners.
Invite your friends to cheer for you on the cheering points!

More information about the locations of cheering points coming up soon!


Kids Run Helsinki is a running event for children.
The event will be organized again this year 21.8.2021!

Kids Run Helsinki HHM is 500m and 1000m race for children under 13 years old. 
Read more and register here: www.kidsrunhelsinki.fi


Helsinki Half Marathon has maximum running time of three (3) hours. If runner can’t keep the pace, we can not unfortunately guarantee timing and service at the route for the runner. Organizer will remove from the route all the runners who are unable to run the course within 3 hours maximum running time.


All the runners who finish the Helsinki Half Marathon will receive the HHM2021 Finisher Medal at the finish.


We have a great pacers also at HHM2021. 

Pacing times: 1:30, 1:35, 1:40, 1:45, 1:50, 1:55, 2:00, 2:10, 2:20, 2:30 , 2:45 and 3:00.

All rights for changes reserved.

Apply to become a pacer at Helsinki Half Marathon!


Coming up again 2022!


The three best at Women/Men Open Category and the first ones (Woman/Man) in age categories will be rewarded with a trophy.

Any runner who is one of the top overall finishers in the Helsinki Half Marathon Open Category (Men/Women), will be entitled to Prize Money:

21,1 km (Men finishing time <1.04 and Women finishing time <1.13)
1. 800 €
2. 400 €
3. 200 €

Men over 1.04 hours and Women over 1.13 hours are not entitled to the prize money.


We are using live result-feed in this event. 
You can find the results of 2020 here!


The route of Helsinki Half Marathon is flat and fast and goes around the best running streets in Helsinki. The course follows the beautiful seaside of Helsinki.

 Route map of HHM2021 will released soon here!


The Participant agrees to comply with the organizers’ rules and instructions on the day of the competition.


HHM series based on the rules of Finnish Athletics Federation and IAAF are: Men General, Women General, and age groups 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 for both men and women. Runners are placed in the age groups automatically based in their birth date. The general series includes all runners. Besides there is a series for other-gender.




Timing is organized by chip timing. Timing chip is placed to the bib number. Each runner must draw the bib on the front of the shirt and it must be displayed in the shirt throughout the race. The bib must not be folded. There is no need to return the chip after the race. Every runner will receive gross and net times.


Are you interested in volunteering at Helsinki Half Marathon? Apply here!



If you cancel your entry latest 7 days from the date you did the registration (and latest 22.7.2021), it’s possible to get the refund of your ticket. In this case 10 € fee will be charged.
No cancellations of participation are required starting 22.7.2021.
If you cancel your entry 22.7.2021 or later, or more than 7 days after the registration was made, unfortunately it’s not possible to get the refund.


It is possible to transfer your participation to

1. Helsinki Half Marathon 2022

With a medical certificate transfer to the next year’s race is possible against a transfer fee of 5 EUR until 22.7.2021. After that transfer fee is 10 EUR. Transfer has to be made no later than 20.8.2021.

2. Another person

You can transfer your participation to another person (until 14.8.2021). After transfer request your registration will be cancelled, and you will get a discount code worth the same amount of money you paid for your registration, and that discount code can be used when new person will make a registration. If the registration fee is less than 5 € higher when the transfer request is made, then discount code will be 5 € less than the current registration fee.

Note: Registration paid with sport vouchers cannot be transferred to another person.

3. Another event

You can also transfer the entry for another #werunhelsinki event year 2021 until 20.8.2021. After transfer request your registration will be cancelled, and you will get a discount code worth the same amount of money you paid for your registration, and that discount code can be used when new person will make a registration. If the registration fee for the event in question is less than 5 € higher when the transfer request is made, then discount code will be 5 € less than the current registration fee.

How can I transfer my participation?

When transferring your participation to another event or person, or to next year, please contact info (a) helsinkihalfmarathon.fi with following information:

  • Name of the original participant
  • Name of the person who will make the new registration (if participation will be transferrer to another person)
  • To which event trasfer will be made

After the transfer request you will get more detailed instructions by email.


If the event has to be cancelled or it cannot be organized due to force majeure, the organizer is not liable for any delays or damages that are caused by the cancellation or postponement of the event due to force majeure. Force majeure is an event or occurrence beyond the control of the organizer which the organizer could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account at the time of the conclusion of the contract or to have avoided or overcome it or its consequences. Force majeure comprehends both natural disasters and events such as civil unrest, risk to general safety, orders of public authorities or other superior force that prevents the organizing of the event.



If you will find your name from the participation list, your registration is ok. If you are insecure about your registration, please contact info (at) helsinkihalfmarathon.fi


We will accept following payment methods:

  • Finnish online bank payments
  • Visa and Mastercard payments
  • Sport vouchers: Smartum, Eazybreak, ePassi, Edenred


Participants will run at their own responsibility in the event. The organizer has not specifically insure the runners for accidents, injuries or any other situation. Inclusive leisure insurance is recommended for all the participants. First aid is located in the course and in the finish area.


Event organizers will have full rights to publish the photos and video material taken during the event. We will also release pictures and videos in our social media channels.