How do I train at the moment?

Helsinki Half Marathon is one of my most important starts this year. My preparations have been going on for some time, but now their specificity has definitely changed. Due to the fact that spring has finally begun, there is an opportunity for more outdoor trainings.

I live in Silesia – it’s the region of Poland with the most polluted air out of the whole country. In winter, when most people stoke with poor quality coal, PM2.5 and PM10 dust concentration occasionally exceed even 1000% of the acceptable standard! Under such conditions it is simply impossible to run (even walking is very unhealthy), unless someone really wants to get cancer…

Fortunately, the warmer days came back and people stopped warming their houses. What it means to me? That I can wear running shoes and train outside. That’s why I’ve modified the winter part of training, which was based on full body workout and kettlebell training. Currently, I’m having two 5-8 km running trainings a week (often with a dog) and interlace them with one full body workout at home. What I like the most are calm runs which oscillate around 13-15 km (on weekdays). Why does it look like that?

It’s easy – this week I will run the only marathon this year – 25. Volkswagen Prague Marathon in Czech Republic. Then, the last half-marathon test – the 2nd WizzAir Halfmarathon Katowice, and afterwards I will finally go to Helsinki and fight for a new PB at the beginning of June; I’d love to run below 1:40 h (my current record is 1:41:46).

What’s also important – after all, Finland has the cleanest air in Europe, so in the end I will be able to take a deep breath.

See you soon!