The spring is here!

The spring has finally arrived to Helsinki and preparations for Helsinki Half Marathon are underway. I’ve always trusted a training regime which is based on heart rate zones so this time was no different. So I hopped on the treadmill and was given the task to run 4 minute intervals with the speed increasing after every set. After a hard half an hour later the results were in and I was given the aerobic and anaerobic thresholds which would be the base of my training plan. Knowing your heart rate zones takes out the guesswork from training and gives the confidence that you’re on the right track. You know when to push hard or take it easy depending on which zone you’re training on. If you are interested in knowing your own zones, you can book a time for here!

Currently my training plan consists of five weekly exercises. One of them being a longer run and the others range from short race pace intervals to steady pace runs with a faster finish. In addition to running I like to go cycling and swimming so on more relaxed days I might go for a short bike ride or a swim. The majority of my training is done at the aerobic threshold level or slightly lower so the pace and intensity are easy to manage. I also enjoy running with company especially on longer or more demanding race paced runs. Once a week we get together with our half marathon training group for a training session. Running with a group gives me an added boost of energy and confidence to push to the limits when needed.

Helsinki Half Marathon is six weeks away so there is still time to train and prepare for the event. I like to race and a good opportunity for that was the Helsinki10 10 km race last Saturday. See you on the starting line of HHM2019!