We come from a quasi-tropical area so running in cold environment (0 degrees celcius or lower) has been rare for us!  But this month, we had an opportunity to experience both hot and cold runs!

We took part in the Hong Kong Marathon, an annual local running event with the participants up to 70 000 on 17 Feb 2019. It was a warm and humid day (around 23 degrees celcius and relative humidity exceeds 80%). Although we are in the warm region, such condition is still very difficult to us. There is always a real risk of getting cramps if not staying hydrated!  We tried to keep drinking loads of water in the week preceding the race. We were chasing our PB, but still during the run, we tried not to skip any water station. We got at least a sip or even just rinse our mouths with water/ energy drink. Luckily we still managed to achieve a slight PB during this race!

6 days after the full marathon in Hong Kong, we were in Vladivostok, Russia. We participated in the 10km Ice Run! It was a massive adventure to us as we needed to run on the ice and under sub-zero conditions. I guess the Finns are much more familiar with the outfits for running in the cold (i.e. dress in layers) which I do not need to explain. People tend to start faster in cold runs but it is really important to get fully warmed up before a race because there is a huge difference between warmed and cold muscles. In these conditions good warm up can really help avoiding unwanted injuries!  The extra challenge for this race was that we needed to run on the ice surface of the sea which is both slippery and rough.  We installed some ice-spikes on the sole of our running shoes to avoid getting slipped but it took us quite some time to get used to run with the shoes with spikes! The run was super fun as it was more like a carnival than a race and we enjoyed every single moment of it!

So are you ready to come out of your comfort zone to try running in an unfamiliar condition?