HHM Blog: Training with 2:00:25 Marathon Man Eliud Kipchoge before Berlin Marathon

Training with 2:00:25 Marathon Man Eliud Kipchoge before Berlin Marathon
by Matt Fox of Sweat Elite

I recently returned from a trip to Kenya, where I was given the opportunity to train (well, often ride a motorbike) along side Eliud Kipchoge, the man who ran 2:00:25 for the marathon distance earlier in the year at the Nike Sub2 Project and last year’s Olympic Marathon Champion.

The day I arrived at Kaptagat, the training base of Eliud Kipchoge, it was a 30km tempo run on a challenging cross country course at 2500m altitude in an average pace of 3:20/km, in very poor weather conditions. Welcome to Kenya!

The next few weeks were incredible. Track workouts like 15x1km in 2:50 on a dirt track, Fartlek workouts lasting an hour with repetitions at under 3min/km on cross country courses… and tea. Plenty of tea.

I wrote a 33 page e-book on the experience, featuring every training workout he does, in detail, his detailed training log over the past 2 months and a few things that surprised me about the experience, or perhaps I didn’t expect. One example if how terribly inflexible Eliud is. He can’t get anywhere near touching his toes with straight legs. Another example is running their 30-40km tempo runs on an empty stomach.

Here’s a small sample from the training log:

Tue Aug 22

AM Track: 10min warm up. 12x800m (goal 2:10s): 2.13, 2.11, 2.13, 2.10, 2.11, 2.10, 2.10, 2.09, 2.11, 2.10, 2.09. 10x400m (goal 62s): 64, 64, 63, 64, 62, 62, 61, 62, 61, 61. Rest: 1.5min rest for all. 10min cool down.

Wed Aug 23

AM 18km easy-moderate (77min) starting at 6:00/km, working down to 3:30/km in the final 5km.
PM 10km easy (41min)

Thurs Aug 24

AM 30km Tempo Run: 1hr38min. Good conditions today, fairly dry. Course undulating but not too hard.

Fri Aug 25

AM 18km (76mins) starting at 5:45/km, working down to 3:30/km for the final 6km.

Sat Aug 26

AM Fartlek: 10mins warm up (2km) 18 x (3min hard, 1min easy). Average pace in each repetition was around 3:00/km on the undulating course in Kaptagat (2400m altitude). Recoveries done very easy (jog). 15mins cool down (2.8km)

Sun Aug 27

AM 22km easy-moderate (83min)

Mon Aug 28

AM 21km moderate (71min)  in Eldoret (flat course)
PM 11km easy (43min)

Yes, that’s a half marathon, as a moderate run at 2000m altitude in 71min!

Check out the full edition here.

Berlin Marathon 2017 will be organized this weekend!

Berlin Marathon 2017 will be organized this weekend!