Lars Sonnemann

Short introduction
My name is Lars, I’m 25 years old and live in Berlin. I started running because four times World Champion and Berlin Marathon winner Haile Gebrselassie inspired me when I was a child to run a marathon. Today I love running because I enjoy to move myself, I really like to be outside in the nature and it relaxes my head and it’s good for my mind.

5 favourite things about running?

  1. The feeling after the workout
  2. To run with friends
  3. Gaining more mental strength
  4. I can accomplish my goals
  5. It’s just fun

5 least favourite things about running?

  1. I don’t like to get injured

Favourite workout?
Easy sunday run mostly 10-15km.

What are you expecting from Helsinki Half Marathon?
It will be my first time in Finland so I hope to have a good time in the City, I would like to meet interesting people and have a good race.

Goal at Helsinki Half Marathon?
I would like to beat my PR and run a sub 1:30h

Half marathon PR? Other PR’s?
5k: 18:49
10k: 39:39
Halfmarathon: 1:31:48
Marathon: 3:17:16

How will you prepare for Helsinki Half Marathon?
I will train hard and smart but I will also cycle a lot. Last year I drove a lot of kilometers on my road bike to prepare for the Marathons in Berlin and Chicago and I hope this will also help for my training for the Helsinki Half Marathon in addition to my running workouts.

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