Kseniia Romanova

I’m a runner from St. Petersburg, Russia. I run to get a grip of whatever situation I’m facing, thus stopping my mind from wandering and making it focus on the important filtering the rubbish. Running is liberating indeed. It helped me overcome some serious issues and I’m forever grateful for my trusted trainers always ready to hug my feet and get going. Running.
Favourite workout?
My favourite workout… Running related? A nice challenging fartlek workout shall be the one. Non-running related? Yoga all the way. What can do more for your mind and body that a good flowy practice with some nice calming breathing and hardcore super engaging headstands and balances?
What are you expecting from Helsinki Half Marathon? 
I’m expecting having a blast enjoying the views of the Finnish capital breathing in the smells of sea and coffee, while giving my best to reach a new PR.
Goal at Helsinki Half Marathon? 
1:45:00 would be really good
Half marathon PR? Other PR’s? 
How you will prepare for Helsinki Half Marathon?
I will start preparing in December with 10 weeks of easy-ish runs with running technique and physical conditioning followed by 2 weeks of cross-training and then 12 weeks of straigh ahead preparation for the Helsinki Half Marathon.
Other worth mentioning?
Normally, I prepare for my races in due time, no skipping etc. However, almost every time I prepared for a race being important to me, I messed everything a couple of days earlier, like long walks with sightseeing before my fisrt marathon or one of my HMs. This time, I will not give myself this pleasure of throwing months of prepping into the trash can.
What inspired you to start running in the first place?
I used to be a “no, thanks” runner 5-6 years ago. I was way out of the league of all those people hitting the parks and streets. My workouts were closer to the gym Zumba kind with some pilates on top, but then my boyfriend (now husband) suggested we start running together in the park nearby. I hated every second, my lungs hurt, he was way better than me. Exactly when I was planning to give up and stop this torture, I thought to myself: “Okay, I can’t run as fast, but PROBABLY I can run farther”. Talk competitive here! My first 4 km were a huge success, followed by 5km, then 10, 15. It all went blurry, and then I suddenly welcomed my first halfmarathon within a year followed by a full-throttle marathon in April 2017.
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