Jenna Wilkinson

Short introduction
Hi, I’m Jenna and I’ve been running for 4 years. I started running to improve my fitness so I went to a 5km parkrun in England, I think I finished in 30:15 but now my 5k PB is 18:52! I now couldn’t imagine my life without running, I love to challenge myself and see how far I can go.

5 favourite things about running?
1. The ‘runner’s high’ – the feeling when you’re finished a run, session or race is fantastic!
2. Seeing my friends and meeting new like-minded people.
3. Exploring new cities and countries (there are some amazing races around the world!)
4. Shaking off the stress of the day, it’s the perfect way to take my mind off things.
5. Gaining confidence!

5 least favourite things about running?

1. The tempo runs, they’re my ‘personal worst’ kind of session!
2. The early morning run before work, a great shake out for the legs though.
3. Winter training is freezing and I hate being cold.
4. Sometimes I lose motivation, it’s tough to get out the door some days.
5. Training can be tough to fit in around personal life, do what works for you.

Favourite workout?
I love my Tuesday track sessions! I can’t run fast but I try!

What are you expecting from Helsinki Half Marathon?
I’ve heard that the crowds are fantastic and that the city is beautiful, I can’t wait to see it!

Goal at Helsinki Half Marathon?
I’ll have just ran Paris marathon in April so I’m not sure whether to enjoy the race or shoot for a PR?!

Half marathon PR? Other PR’s?
5k – 18:52
10k – 39:35
Halfmarathon – 1:28:02
Marathon – 3:14:47

How will you prepare for Helsinki Half Marathon?
I’ll ensure that my week has a mix of recovery, tempo, interval and long runs and I’ll also practice my fuel. Don’t forget to stretch and roll as recovery is so important!

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