Jaakko Knuutila

Short intro
I’m a 35 year old avid runner and I’m constantly seeking opportunities to challenge myself. What makes running interesting for me is that in principle it’s really straightforward but in reality it’s a whole different ballgame. The best thing about running is that in the end you only really just compete against yourself and in addition to the physical requisites you have to make sure that you put your head into the game too.

5 favourite things about running?
1. Enjoying the scenery
2. Running fast
3. Running slow
4. Racing
5. The feeling you get after your run

5 least favourite things about running?
1. Not being able to run fast enough
2. Not being able to run slow enough
3. Running on slippery surfaces
4. Pre-race jitters
5. Deciding on what to wear for a run during the winter

Favourite workout?
A long run with a fast finish.

What are you expecting from Helsinki Half Marathon?
Being able to run a steady race while enjoying the beautiful route and cheering from the spectators.

Goal at Helsinki Half Marathon?
To run a new PR.

Half marathon PR? Other PR’s?
1:49:47 but the course was 400 meters too short. So 2:02:07 is my official PR for the half. I’ve run 10 K in 48:12 and a full marathon in 4:23.

How will you prepare for Helsinki Half Marathon?
I’ll try to run the course at least a couple of times to get a better feeling for it. Hopefully I’ll stay healthy and will be able to train hard so I can reap the benefits on race day.

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