Cedric & Lisa Poon

Short introduction

My wife and I are a couple from Hong Kong. This is our second time to visit Helsinki and we are really honoured to be HHM2019 Ambassadors!  We developed the habit of distance running since around 10 years ago.  We do all sort of sports together such as marathons, trail running, kayaking, yoga and triathlons.  Our sporting journey is pretty much the same as our journey of marriage: there are good times and struggling times but patience and commitment are always the keys to make it work!

5 favourite things about running?

  • Running different routes: conquering the world
  • Challenging yourselves: always pushing the limits
  • Releasing endorphins to reduce stress and pressure
  • Leading a healthy and fit life
  • Meeting new friends

5 least favourite things about running?

  • Injuries
  • Injuries
  • Injuries
  • Injuries
  • Injuries

Favourite workout?

We are focusing on triathlons now, so swim, bike, run…

What are you expecting from Helsinki Half Marathon?

Gorgeous sceneries, pleasant people, flat and wonderful route

Goal at Helsinki Half Marathon?

Attain priority entry for Hong Kong Marathon (1:38:00 for myself and 1:49:00 for Lisa) – a bit tough

Half marathon PR? Other PR’s? 

Cedric: Half marathon 1:34:56; Full marathon 3:55:34; 10km 44:30, Lisa: Half marathon 1:41:47; Full marathon 3:55:34; 10km 47:34

How you will prepare for Helsinki Half Marathon?

We usually run twice per week (one longer distance and one intervals/ tempo).  Swim twice and bike once.

What inspired you to start running in the first place?

My wife was an athlete in school in the old days. Not able to beat her over short distance, I tried to do so via longer distance. Haha, kidding. Basically, it was the desire of challenging ourselves.

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