Auguste Augustinaite


Short introduction 
I am an ambitious last year psychology student and I am aiming to be the best at everything I do. “Do it good or don’t do it at all” – that’s my approach to life. I run because it helps me concentrate on things I do, manage stress and emotions, relax after a hard day, boosts my mood and self-esteem. Also I love running because I am a competitive person and various challenges and races satisfy my need for competition.
Favourite workout? 
An interval training with a friend. Running from/against someone energize me and push me to the limits.
What are you expecting from Helsinki Half Marathon? 
First of all, I am expecting to see Helsinki as I’ve never been there. I am sure it’s a wonderful city and I can’t wait to visit! Also, I LOVE experiencing different running cultures and the way events are organized around the world. I ran races in Lithuania, USA and Spain and I want to see how it goes in Finland. Finally, I am expecting to be well prepared and have a nice and smooth run in Helsinki Half Marathon.
Goal at Helsinki Half Marathon? 
Half marathon PR? Other PR’s? 
Half marathon: 1:44:40, 10K: 46:57, 5K: 22:16
How you will prepare for Helsinki Half Marathon? 
Being an ambassador for Helsinki Half Marathon would increase my motivation. I’ll set up a specific training program for this event.
Other worth mentioning?
My bachelor’s thesis is based on running and stress management.
What inspired you to start running in the first place?
I started running because I wanted to outrun my ex boyfriend in a race. I did that!
Best way to follow Auguste:
Instagram – seen_running