Aaron McCammon

Short intro?
I started running many years ago, in my past running life I used to compete in the 400m sprint for about 12 years, which I thoroughly enjoyed and managed to get to a pretty decent standard in my then age group. Unfortunately due to injury I had stop competing the the event and after a small break I discovered Distance running and I haven’t lookedback ever since. I hope to keep on staying fit and healthy so that I can get stronger, faster and due many more races such as the Helsinki Half Marathon.

5 favourite things about running:

1 The freedom that you have when choosing a route.
2 It’s a great way to explore a new city and stay fit at the keep fit.
3 The amazing feeling that I get when I have pushed my body and worked hard.
4 The running community and the variety of people that are in it.
5 Running with friends. 

5 least favourite things about running?
1 Injuries.
2 Headwind
3 Icy roads,
4 Human traffic and slow walkers who refuse to move even though they have seen you    coming from a mile away.
5 No more.

Favourite workout?
I love and hate burpees! This exercise causes me so much pain but at the same time it helps to increase a of strength all over the body

What are you expecting from Helsinki Half Marathon?
I am expecting to be amazed by city, race and atmosphere that the crowd of Helsinki will bring. I am so excited to be able have the opportunity to compete at such an event.

Goal at Helsinki Half Marathon?
To hopefully run a new PR and have a lot of fun in doing so.

Half marathon PR? Other PR’s?
My Half Marathon PR is 1:26:40. This year I competed in my first full Marathon and got a time of 4:00:41 which I am aiming to beat in 2019, I also took part in my first Ultra race this year in  Zugspitze, Germany in the 62,8km race. This was such an amazing but also gruelling challenge which took me 13:40:00 yes almost 14 hours to complete. Another Ultra race is in planning for the new year so that time will also hopefully get beaten.

How you will prepare for Helsinki Half Marathon?
My preparation will be starting early in January where I will be completing in the Polar Night Half Marathon in Tromsø, which will be in very different conditions to Helsinki but will definitely be getting the ball rolling for the running season in the new year. After this I will be racing in the Barcelona Half Marathon in February and then the Berlin Half Marathon in April. In between the races and after the the plan will be to keep training with a mixture between intervals, speed work, long runs and building strength in the gym.

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