Helsinki Half Marathon 2018

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We are looking for ambassadors for the 2019 event!

We have opened the ambassador search for the 2019 event! If you want to become part of our ambassador team, read the instuctions here and fill the form before October 25!

Meanwhile, you can take a look for our 2018 ambassadors below!

Mark Green

Mark is based just outside of London in the United Kingdom and is overcoming a gambling addiction, using running as his key activity to improved physical and mental health. Mark has completed 4 Full Marathons, 8 Half Marathons and Helsinki Half Marathon 2018 will be his time to conquer Helsinki!

“Helsinki is a city I’ve wanted to visit and I’m over the moon to get this chance. Culture, opportunity to run in a beautiful city, soak it all in.”

“Running has improved my mental health….not just about the physical. I’d like to take the opportunity to apologise to Nicky Blay my partner for becoming obsessed with this race!”

“I was inspired to start running back when I was a teenager. I was over weight, lethargic and I needed to change…running was the answer.”

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Alejandro Olmos Marcitllach

Based in Germany, Alejandro was inspired by Forest Gump over 11 years to start running and since, has completed the 5km in under 19min, 10km in under 41mins, Half Marathon in 1hr36mins and the Full Marathon in 3hrs45mins. Alejandro is looking forward to “traveling with friends, making new friends, eating spaghetti together and enjoy a long night of celebrations afterwards!”

“I started running when I was working at the European Parliament. Since then, I keep running 4-6 times a week to fight the stress, stay inspired and meet friends.”

“My goal is 1hr and 35mins. I look forward to meeting you at the finish line, enjoy the beautiful landscape and the famous Finish saunas – it sounds like a fair amount of fun!”

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Kseniia Romanova

Kseniia is based in St Petersburg and just several years ago couldn’t imagine even running 5km in one go. Inspired by her boyfriend to initially get out and jog, this quickly led her to running a 5km, a 10km, a half marathon and a full marathon all within a couple of years. “I run to get a grip of whatever situation I’m facing, thus stopping my mind from wandering and making it focus on the important filtering the rubbish. Running is liberating indeed. It helped me overcome some serious issues and I’m forever grateful for my trusted trainers always ready to hug my feet and get going.”

“I’m expecting to have a blast enjoying the views of the Finnish capital breathing in the smells of sea and coffee, while giving my best to reach a new PR.”

“I used to be a “no, thanks” runner 5-6 years ago. I was way out of the league of all those people hitting the parks and streets. My workouts were closer to the gym; Zumba kind, with some pilates on top, but then my boyfriend (now husband) suggested we start running together in the park nearby. I hated every second, my lungs hurt; he was way better than me. Exactly when I was planning to give up and stop this torture, I thought to myself: “Okay, I can’t run as fast, but PROBABLY I can run farther”. Talk competitive here! My first 4 km were a huge success, followed by 5km, then 10, 15. It all went blurry, and then I suddenly welcomed my first half marathon within a year…”

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Margit Partei

Margit is our Estonian ambassador, with a history of running dating back to early high school when she was forced to run a coopers test to maintain her A grade in Sport! That quickly led to 5km’s, 10km’s and just last year, Margit managed to smash both the 4 hour Marathon and the 2 Hour Half Marathon in the same year.

“I try not to obsess and instead of chasing certain time goals, my goal is to enjoy the journey, not only the destination. Running is my stress relief and time to spend with my best running team. Improving personal records is nice but not the most important. With that attitude I have somehow effortlessly managed to improve all my personal bests this year.”

“I was never athletic as a child, quite the opposite: I was overweight or obese for the first 21 years of my life. Sports and specifically running has taught and given me so much in life. Every day I’m grateful that I made the choice to start a new, better chapter in my life.”

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Auguste Augustinaite

Based in Vilinus, Lithuania, Auguste is a final year psychology student, juggling studies with plenty of running training and racing. “Do it good or don’t do it at all” – that’s my approach to life. I run because it helps me concentrate on things I do, manage stress and emotions, relax after a hard day, boosts my mood and self-esteem. Also I love running because I am a competitive person and various challenges and races satisfy my need for competition.”
“I run because it helps me concentrate on things I do, manage stress and emotions, relax after a hard day, boosts my mood and self-esteem. Also I love running because I am a competitive person and various challenges and races satisfy my need for competition.”

“I started running because I wanted to outrun my ex boyfriend in a race. I did that!”

Auguste has a goal of breaking the 1hr 40min mark at the Helsinki Half Marathon 2018!

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Tabea Kautzsch

Tabea is a Physical Therapist from Berlin who found her running passion in 2013.

Tabea has lost 30kg since starting running and was inspired by how she felt after a big race in Berlin in 2013… “Running is my therapy. I love to run, to clear my mind and to do something good for my body.”

“I am so happy to come to Finland to Helsinki. I want to have fun with other people with the same passion.”

Tabea has a 1hr43min personal best for the Half Marathon. “Maybe i can crush my personal best time, that would be awesome!”

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