We flew back from Helsinki to Hong Kong right after the event.  We miss everything we experienced in Finland: the beautiful scenery, the nice people we met and the fresh air.

Entering into the competition, we did not have much expectation.  Afterall, we just completed a middle-distance triathlon 6 days before the race.  While the weather was slightly warmer than we expected, we loved every aspect of the event with satisfaction!

The route was largely flat which I would regard as a fast course.  The water stations (at least what I experience) were more than sufficient, the cheering was loud, the pacers were awesome.  I would like to specifically praise the pacer system.  There are plenty of different choices (per every 5 minutes between 1 hr 25 mins to 3 hrs) for us to follow and they really help the athletes a lot in achieving their targets.

This is the second time we came to Helsinki.  Thus we did not focus on sightseeing this time.  But the half marathon route was so good covering the central and coastal areas that I feel like going through every bit of Helsinki once again in 100 minutes.  That’s really cool!

I hope you may have heard about what happened in the other side of the globe.  Life is like running.  Try your best whenever you can.  Don’t take anything for granted because you never know when you’ll have it for the last time.